One of my favorite memories of Italy was a road trip we took in the Tuscany area. We spent the night in a charming inn in the small town of Castlenuovo Berardenga, which is just outside Siena.

We awoke to the sound of a local market setting up in the town square. All of the trucks rolled in, opened up their side windows, and began selling all sorts of household items: linens, dishes, clothing, shoes, and also the usual assortment of wine, cheese, and local produce. We watched this all from the breakfast area of our inn, where we were served coffee and freshly baked croissants that had just come out of the oven, topped with warm chocolate sauce. I can still taste it!

After a day of exploring and wine tasting, we ended up having what was probably the best dinner I’ve ever had. Da Antonio, in the small town of Castelnuovo Berardenga, far from any coastline, may seem odd for a seafood restaurant. Yet this is one of the best in Tuscany, with impeccably fresh fish brought in daily, which Antonio Farina, the owner and chef, prepares exquisitely.