I’ve been hearing about the Hard Rock in Punta Cana in the Caribbean – it’s one of the new hot spots to travel to – and so I recently went to see for myself. It’s definitely super fun. It’s the largest property I’ve every stayed at, and there’s so much to do!

The resort is all-inclusive, and I only stayed for 3 or 4 days, but they were full long days with a lot of pools, dancing and food. But if you wanna cozy up quiet and read a book, you can find it there too. I did not leave the property – there’s really no need to, it’s so big. There’s different stations throughout the property you can go to hang out, no matter what your mood. There are these golf carts you can hop on, we called it the trolley, and we took a tour all around the place.

It’s family friendly, but you might not know it because they keep the children so occupied. They have kids center with dress-up princess costumes, and toy tools, dump trucks and cars. And they have a wide variety of dining whether you want a buffet or if you prefer to sit down and be served, with all types of cuisine, fancy or casual.

When you’re in the Caribbean, they are there to entertain you, so I recommend you get involved and let them do their thing – even if it’s not what you usually participate in. There’s a ton of pool parties of all kinds, and they’re constantly dancing – and giving dancing lessons – even out by the pool! The clubs were super fun, and they’re not all dance clubs. They have casual clubs, where you can play a couple games of pool. You start seeing some of the same peeps and start hanging out together. I met some people from Australia, everyone is just super friendly, it’s an easy relaxed atmosphere.

One night, at the far end of the main building, we watched a heavy weight Mayweather fight on the biggest TV screen I’ve ever seen, it’s bigger than a movie screen! It was so massive it took up the entire back wall. You can see any sport you want there most nights. That’s down by the casino, and so there’s gambling too. So, you can lose your money and you can learn how to dance.