The fun of staying in Greece is the unique housing you can experience; find something that strikes your interest when you’re visiting one of the most eccentric countries in the world.


Cave Houses

I know what you’re thinking, “Why would I want to stay in a “cave” for my relaxing vacation?” Well, Greece seems to be a place with many surprises, and these intimate cave houses are one of them. Very much emulating Greece’s famous city of Santorini with white-washed houses set against the bright blue sea, the cave houses around Greece are categorized under “hotels” but provide an intimate setting to enjoy all Greece has to offer. The Hector Cave House is rated as one of the best cave houses in Greece, located around Caldera Cliff.



While there are many hotels to stay in when you visit Greece. There are only a few like the Papaevangelou. It lies In the middle of ravines and mountains, on the outskirts of Megalo Papigo…[and] creates a little paradise.” The landscape completely surrounds the hotel, from a courtyard filled with flowers to the picturesque village of Aristi. Whether you’re enjoying yourself with family or want a private vacation for honeymooning, the Papaevangelou suits all needs. And if one isn’t enough, Secret Places provides several more natare hotels that are just as beautiful!


Boutique Hotels (Mykonos)

While hotels are always a good go-to when it comes to reliable places to stay, boutique hotels provides a unique perspective to staying at hotels without having to risk comfortable reliability. Mykonos is a host for dozens of Boutique Hotels in Greece. Some of the best Boutique Hotels in Mykonos are the Vencia Boutique Hotel and Absolut Mykonos which provide spectacular layouts in their design which are sure to keep guests captivated throughout their stay.


Castle Stay

Game of Thrones may be over, but you can still pretend to live like royalty when you stay in some of Greece’s castle hotels. While the Arapakis Castle in Haria has now been turned into a contemporary hotel, “you’ll still see its original towers, mill, and oil press, and guest rooms have thick stone walls and wood-beamed ceilings that remind you of the building’s history”.




Greece is stunning within itself. Gorgeous beaches and miles of vineyards make it easy to fall in love with every moment you spend in the country; but it’s important that when you finally go to rest your head, it’s somewhere you actually enjoy. While this article provides a great source for places to stay in Greece, CI Azumano Travel delivers some of the best tips and pieces of advice when traveling Greece and dozens of other countries as well.