While the Northern Lights are certainly one of the bigger spectacles of magic held in Alaska, there is no doubt that the entire region is filled with wonder. An officially elected Santa Clause, glacier exploration and 82 days of uninterrupted sunlight, all make Alaska one of the most enchanting places to visit.


Aurora Borealis

Though your chances of seeing the Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, are not going to be 100% certain, your odds increase drastically when you enter into Fairbanks or above the Arctic Circle. And you increase your chances even more when you visit somewhere around late fall or early spring. These lights are most certainly one of Alaska’s most spectacular sites; it’s pretty hard to beat dramatic colors of light dancing in patterns amongst the glacier filled skies. And everyone in Alaska seems to know it too, since many hotels offer Northern Lights wake-up calls upon request!


Santa Clause

Magic really is in the air around the Fairbanks suburb of North Pole, Alaska. The town is famous for their Santa Claus House gift shop [which] is open year-round, and thousands of letters addressed to Santa are sent to the zip code each year”. No matter whether you’re a humbug or not, there is no denying the curiosity that comes with visiting a real life North Pole.


Glacier Tours

Glacier tours come in all shapes and sizes. From dog sledding to helicopter expeditions there are a multitude of ways to view the glaciers around Alaska. Some of the best tours to date are the Glacier Point Wilderness Safari Tour, which allows tourists to experience, whales, waterfalls and wilderness all at once; and the Skagway Glacier Helicopter Tour which is said to allow tourists to “leave all traces of civilization behind and experience the infinite beauty of Alaska’s remote glaciers”.


22 Hours of Daylight

It may seem impossible to enjoy all that Alaska has to offer, but with 22 hours of functional daylight in Anchorage, Alaska is an adventurers dream. It is shocking but true that “between March 19 and September 23, Anchorage gets more hours of daily sunlight than anywhere in the other 49 states”. This in itself is a site to see, but it also means that every single day can be filled with as much adventure as you are willing to see through.



Though Alaska may seem like just a hop, jump and skip away, there is so much to do that planning becomes quite the obstacle to get over when planning a vacation. However, CI Azumano Travel is one of the best sites when it comes to tips, informative travel planning and trip prepping. Their specified section on Alaska is especially helpful in providing essential information such as the regions average temperatures, what to expect while traveling and how best to spend your time while visiting.