Hawaii is known for its sunsets, but where are the best places to see them? Welcome to the sunset guide, from easy to hard places to watch some fire leave the sky. Whether you’re looking to walk straight to your destination, or hike up “the hill”, this guide is sure to help in finding your best sunset destination.


Sandy Beach

Sandy Beach is one of the best views you can get for such an easy adventure, it’s as easy as driving right to the viewpoint, because you can! This luxurious beach access was not easy until the October of 1931, when the newly constructed coastal road was finally completed. This beach was named Sandy Beach due to it being the only sand beach along the consistently rocky coast. While the beach is constantly filled with surfers, many new visitors are unaware of the jagged rocks which lie underneath the waves and lead to drops of nearly 8 feet. So, while Sandy Beach may be the perfect sunset spot, be careful to do your research if surfing is also on the bucket list.


Makaha Beach

Dolphins anyone? Located in West Oahu, Makaha beach provides a less crowded location for the perfect sunset watching experience; and what is there to do in the meantime? Have a dolphin tour of course! The tour ran by Dolphins and You, provides for an experience which is both culturally informative and physically engaging. You’ll not only get to see the dolphins in the clear waters of Makaha Beach, but you also get the opportunity to swim with them if you’d like. Whether it’s a family vacation with kids or a romantic honeymoon, the hawaiian sunset and a swim with the dogs of the sea is sure to leave anyone in awe.


Tantalus mountain

A beach sunset is ideal for most people, but what about a sunset with a landscape view? Tantalus mountain is known by the locals as “the hill”, and is perfect for hikers, bikers, bird-watchers and—of course—sunset chasers. Take a car ride up this legendary hill in order to see some of the best sunsets Oahu has to offer.


Ehukai Pillbox Hike

If you’re looking for a sunset on the hill, but also want some exercise, then it’s time to head over to Ehukai Pillbox trail. While the trail starts our flat, don’t be fooled by its easy-start.  After a little less than a hundred yard the trail takes off in an uphill battle sure to get your calves burning. A painted picnic bench marks your halfway mark, but keep climbing to get a view which is worth all those hard earned calories you’re already burned! Once you get to the top you can enjoy the unobstructed view of Oahu’s North Shore.


Sunset Beach Park

It’s possible that one of the best places to see the sunset is a place that’s named after one? Sunset Beach Park is another relaxed location to watch beautiful summer sunsets. However, if you find yourself at Sunset Beach Park for the winter don’t fret; because Sunset Beach is also known for being one of the best surfing spots in Hawaii. The Van Triple Crown is one of the internationally renowned contests which takes place at Sunset Beach Park, and provides viewers with a display of some of the world’s best surfers.



Author Jhumpa Lahiri says, “When you’re in love, you want to live forever. You want the emotion, the excitement you feel to last”. And, not unsurprisingly, “Hawaii has the highest life expectancy of any state in the United States” according to CI Azumano. Check out this and many more fun facts about Hawaii, and enjoy the sunset!