With over “7000 different Caribbean islands, islets, reefs and caves, [that] are divided into different island groups” it’s hard to imagine traveling around somewhere as vast as the Caribbean. However, whether you’re taking a bike down forested trails, soaring through the trees or just wanting to hike around, there is always something to do and this article will give you the knowledge you need to get there.



One of the craziest parts about experiencing ziplining in the Caribbean is that it holds not one, but two world records for ziplining. St. Martins has the world’s steepest zipline at nearly 1,000 feet elevation and riders have been recorded reaching over 56 mph! While the Caribbean Sea is home to the world’s longest zipline over water. This zipline is also perfect for newbies because they have a smaller practice zipline to tryout so you can become comfortable with positioning your body while soaring through the air.


Hiking and Climbing

From difficult treks to leisurely walks, the Caribbean provides all levels of trail hiking and free-climbing. One of the more intriguing hikes you can take is on the island of St. Kitts, which hosts the volcano Mount Liamuiga. At 3,792 feet it’s easy too see why making this hike might be difficult for inexperienced climbers; but hikers say it’s all worth is once you make it to the highest point, “known as Devil’s Tooth” and get to enjoy the view.

If you’re looking for something a little less advanced, the “island of Martinique offers some of the best hiking in the Caribbean”. These trails are ideal for a large range of experience types and are nice because no matter what skill level you may be at you will still get to have an amazing view on these paths.


Cruising Along

When it comes to cruise ships, there is quite a pool to pick from in today’s traveling world. Cruise ships can be centered around the everyday fine-dining-experience, or they could be a floating amusement park, the choice is up to you. For example, Allure of the Seas provides an active cruise ship environment, while MSC Seaside is more geared towards low activity couple just wanting to relax and enjoy themselves.



Getting around is sometimes the hardest part. Let it be made easier with companies like CI Azumano which provide tips, trick and travel experts to guide your experience through vacation or business travel. Get in the know and on the go with all the information you need to cruise right through the Caribbean!