Scoping out New Zealand for visiting, vacationing, or retiring? Picking a place to settle down from the rat race can be difficult. You want something relaxing but not boring. Many people run to New Zealand for quarter-life-crisis soul seeking; but it’s also one of the best places to find retirement. Checkout this mini-retirement plan to see what your future could look like.


Waiheke Island Vineyards

All good retirement plans need a vineyard near by, and Waiheke Island has four. From the Goldie Estate with its iconic Pohutukawa tree to Peacock Sky’s hill-high view, it would be hard not to find a setting which made you think “this is the life”. Waiheke Island also offers seafood from the beachfront at The Boathouse and “Mediterranean-style with a view” at Vino Vino Restaurant.


Rotorua Hot Springs

Head a little further south and you’ll find your next retirement must-have. Rotorua;s steaming geysers and geothermal hot springs have “been known since the early 19th century” and offer a place to soak your feet, body, or just enjoy the scenic beauty. According to locals, the geothermal waters have been hailed for their healing properties, and everything from arthritis to rheumatism has seen improvements from the waters. Whether you believe in magic, healing powers, or otherwise, the hot springs are an experience everyone should enjoy as they relax from the stresses life has to bring and simply become lost as the steam build around you.


Lake Tekapo Star Gazing

While it may seem as if there isn’t much to do after something as gorgeous as the Rotorua Hot Springs, New Zealand keeps it coming. It’s likely at least part of your life (out of choice or necessity) has been stuck in the bustling city. Cubicles file in around you and hospital lighting leaves you eye-strained and irritated at the end of a 40 hour work week. Let stars be the only light you see for a while. Tekapo lake offers some of the best stargazing New Zealand has ever seen. The International Dark Sky Reserve is “one of eleven worldwide and the largest one in the Southern Hemisphere”. After gazing at the stars in a hot pool on a floating hammock (Excuse me, is this heaven?), tour guides will take you along a path to explain the mythology and legends attributed to stars from different cultures all around the world.


The Glowworms of Waitomo Caves

You know the saying, sometimes a bright star in the sky is actually a worm? Okaty, no one actually says that, but in New Zealand’s Waitomo Caves you certainly may think this. The glow worms of Waitomo caves light up the darkness like twinkling stars, and attract visitors from all over the world. A bucket-list must, these caves can be explored by black water rafting, boat tours or ziplining; so whether you’re a hardcore adventure seeker or just a curious passerby, the tours will accommodate to you.


Milford Sound

While it’s probably clear by now that you could go anywhere in New Zealand and find a gorgeous view, there really is nothing quite like Milford Sound. Located right outside of Queenstown, this scenic destination is known as “New Zealand’s most stunning natural attraction”. From dramatic mountains to cascading waterfalls, the boat tours offered around the area will allow you to see it all.



Whether it be caves full or worms or skies full of stars, New Zealand really does offer the full-packaged deal.