It’s not uncommon to return home from a cruise with more than just great memories. If those jeans are feeling a bit tight, it might not be your imagination. In fact, the average traveler returns from vacation with an extra pound of bodyweight. That’s not too bad considering the bounty of confectionary and alcoholic delights available on most cruises, but you don’t have to choose between being a gym rat and a face-stuffer while out at sea. Here are some tips for staying healthy while still enjoying your cruise vacation.


Find strength in numbers.

Studies have proven how much easier it is to stick with healthy habits when you’re not alone. It’s something known as the accountability effect. Convincing one or two of your travel companions to join on your quest to have a fun and healthy cruise can make it easier to stick to those goals. That way, you don’t have to feel left out every time your group empties the buffet, dries out the bar, or sleeps for an entire afternoon.


Make use of the gym.

Gyms are the unicorns of the cruising world. Just because the average passenger doesn’t take the time to look for one, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Become a believer on your next cruise by taking advantage of these onboard amenities. Most cruise gyms provide standard equipment such as free weights, machines, and pulley-systems. Even a quick 30-minute workout a few times throughout your trip could make a noticeable difference both physically and mentally.


Bid farewell to the buffet.

You might try to justify a daily visit to the buffet by placing a morsel of healthy food on your plate. Yes, french fries are technically veggies…but c’mon. Deep down, you know that the buffet is a serious detriment to your attempt at having a healthy cruise. Climb out of the buffet cave and explore the diverse world of cuisine offered on your cruise ship. You’re bound to find restaurants that offer more variety, healthier choices, and smaller portions.


Get moving with active cruise attractions.

That poolside lounger might do wonders for your trip’s chill factor, but it’s not doing anything to help your fitness goals. Fortunately, cruises offer all kinds of activities that can get you up and moving around without feeling like an actual workout. Go for a few rounds on the water slide or try your hand at the surf simulator. For some friendly competition, get a game of shuffleboard or ping-pong going. Remember, staying active doesn’t have to be boring or stressful.


Limit your bar runs.

It’s easy to develop a habit of heading straight to the bars for a nightcap after a nice dinner at sea. You don’t have to cut this cruise staple out entirely, but it’s a good idea to tone it down just a bit. For a few nights during your trip, consider replacing a bar run with a show onboard. It’s a great way to keep yourself entertained while keeping that waistline in place.


Reward yourself, regularly.

Don’t be so focused on staying healthy that you forget how to let loose and have fun on your cruise. After all, you are still on vacation. It’s all about finding that balance between throwing all caution to the wind and being a complete stiff. Make sure you reward yourself throughout the trip. At the end of the day, it should still feel like a vacation. So grab that midday drink, indulge in dessert, and revel in your lazy afternoons. Just keep some of these tips in the back of your mind and you’ll be fine.


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