If you’re planning to visit Iceland, I absolutely recommend that you visit the geothermal pools. I was able to visit several of them in the one week that I was there!

Geothermal soaks are like a natural hot bath. They are foretold to have healing powers for inflammation, and the mineral clay at the bottom is a unique phenomenon that’s really good for your skin. Icelanders really pride themselves in skin products, and they feel these geothermal baths have medicinal healing powers, with properties that preserve youthful skin.

One of my favorites was Fontana; it’s a smaller geothermal area with many different pools that have different temperatures naturally. The geothermal area at the Ion hotel is really cool too, and it feels like it’s in the middle of nowhere! The hotel itself was formally a barracks location for geothermal employees, so it has this authentic adventurous air to it.

The most well known geothermal pool in Iceland is the Blue Lagoon. Of course, I soaked in that as well! It’s huge, and they’ve expanded the area further with a restaurant and changing room facilities. They’ve actually cleaned out the mud foundation and replaced it with concrete, so they have little huts with the mineral clay to put on your face and then wash off into blue lagoon. Even though it’s really popular, it’s size allows you to have plenty of privacy and breathing room to enjoy your time there.

I always tell my clients that if you’re going to Europe, you should book a quick stop in Iceland on route back, to visit a Geothermal pool soak. The flights usually depart in evening, so Iceland is the the perfect way to get in some final relaxation before you board your overnight flight home.