My clients who travel to the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico like to see the Mayan ruins. Chichen Itza is the most well known – but there are quite a few other ones to visit! I always recommend the Tulum ruins, they’re a much smaller scale of Chichen Itza.

Another bonus is that they’re not far from there resorts where many of my clients have stayed. They can get a tour that takes them there, but many others want to taxi or rent a car and drive in and do it at their leisure. You can walk right into where the ruins are, or ride on the little tram that takes you in.

This little town of Tulum sits up on a cliff – it’s a very picturesque, green grassy kind of area. About half of the ruins are still standing and in tact, and you can see the beach and waves crashing in. There’s a popular little swimming point where you’re allowed to enjoy a in dip in the water.

What’s left of the ruins are mostly made up of cement buildings, and the majority are on the cliff and looking down at water below, facing the sunrise. Appropriate for the “City of Dawn”. Each one has a story, and our guide told us that Tulum was originally built to defend against invasion.

It’s amazing to me that anything is still standing because it goes so far back.

They’re great if you want to see some history and culture, and it’s an especially great outing for the family!