The photo opportunities at destination weddings are simply incredible. It’s one of my favorite things about attending a wedding in a tropical location, and I practically recommend a Jamaican Island wedding for that reason alone! The beach, flowers, greenery, and palm trees make a beautiful backdrop that’s already there, simply waiting for your wedding party to arrive.

More than once, I’ve seen the entire wedding in a color theme, where all the guests join in – not just the bridal party! Imagine everyone wearing some hue of the same color – coral or pink or turquoise – next to the ocean in front of a Caribbean sunset! The photographer is in heaven, spoiled with good material for every single shot taken during the event.

One of the funniest things, and it’s almost a tradition now, is that the bride will often ceremoniously ruin their dress for the camera. They’ll get pictures of the bride jumping off pier, or with groomsmen throwing her overboard. Or, she’ll wade into the ocean water while waves are crashing up on her, trashing the dress with sand and seawater. No use keeping the dress, I guess, just make it part of the ritual and leave it on the island!

I also remember a time when the bride and groom rode off in a speedboat right from the beach after the festivities — what a fun alternative to the horse and buggy that might conclude the celebrations here in the states! I can confidently say that if you’re planning a destination wedding in the Caribbean, you’ll get some amazing pictures to take home.