In my experience, parties, pools and spas are what everyone wants and loves on a tropical vacation. And the Hard Rock in Punta Cana did not disappoint! There are so many pools there that I did not see them all!! They’ve 13 pools including an adult pool, 3 kids pools, and an indoor spa pool.

Over in the main pool is where I had my first experience with a foam party. They have this big machine that pumps foam on the surface of the water. Imagine a huge bubble bath with people floating among the foam on noodles, balloons, and other blow-up floaties. The foam really is kind of like big fluffy white bubbles suds – it’s not super thick so it just kind of floats away and dissipates. They don’t coat the entire pool all at one time, it just kind of dissolves, but doesn’t leave a film on body or soapy feeling. They had their entertainment staff out there, and one of them came and grabbed me out of pool and started dancing with me. They were teaching tango dancing right there on the deck! They showed me about 4 or 5 steps, then we put it all together and played the music, dancing in my bathing suit poolside.

Over at the adult pool, one night they had this big party with a BBQ – serving things like hot dogs, hamburgers, pork chops, and chicken breasts. There’s this ledge that goes around the pool, and it’s raised up, so you can walk – or more common, dance – along the outer edge of the pool on this thing. When I was there, I got up and followed one of the entertainers as he was throwing out silver and gold sparkly in the sun, music was playing, and everybody was dancing. Then they brought out a big blow up dolphin, and we were all taking pictures while trying to stay balanced on it. It was so slippery, I think all the pictures taken were of a head underwater and feet in the air!

We did get the opportunity to take advantage of the spa and get a massage, and it’s so beautiful. They have this big relaxing pool you can float in, as well as hot tubs to soak in, before your massage. They often give you champagne or tea, while you wait in your robe and slippers. Then they eventually come and get you and take you back. One of my friends got this rhythm massage – which isn’t really supposed to be relaxing. She told me that as you’re laying on massage bed, you can listen to rock music, the massage to the rhythm of the music! I personally got the relaxing one, and worked out all those kinks that I brought with me.

I recommend you get a massage the first day that you’re there so you’re relaxed and ready to go out and drink more champagne. Float around the pool with your bubbly, before you dance and party poolside!