On my recent trip to Cook Islands, we took a little jumper over to Aitutaki Island, a separate and remote island apart from the main island of Rarotonga. You can only get there by boat or plane, and it’s known as one of the most gorgeous locations in the world, quoted by Lonely Planet founder Tony Wheeler as having ‘the most beautiful lagoons’ he’s ever seen.

Deborah, a CI Azumano Travel Expert, talks about the beautiful people and lagoons of Aitutaki Island

Our hotel was on a little slope of a hillside, and just as I arrived there I missed a step up on the front walk. I tumbled and next thing I knew I landed on these natural rocks on the side of the steps, my cell phone went flying. I was a big old heap on the rocks, and the resort staff and manager came running over right away!! Two people from the spa ran back and got towels and ice from the ice machine for me.

I could get up and walk, so I knew I was okay, but they really gave me the royal treatment to make sure I recovered well anyway! They placed me in an ocean front villa, set me up out on the deck with cordless phone that was a direct line to the manager in case I needed anything. I sat in luxury with an amazing view while I iced my legs. This is so typical of the local people; they are so hospitable, and take really good care of their guests.

BTW, Tony is right, the lagoons are really breathtaking. The island is full of these little sandbars that sit out on top of the water, and you can walk from the beach out into the ocean for days! You’ll see beautiful blues and greens of the water, with fish swimming by of all different sizes, even some blacktip shark. As you can imagine, it’s paradise for the snorkelers and divers. I’m really glad I didn’t break or fracture a bone, so I could go out and give my eyes the treat!