I’ve been to Africa many times, even in my childhood. East Africa is probably my favorite, and it’s all about the animals there. If you go on safari, you typically spend 3-4 days in 2-3 spots, and travel to different national parks. Each of them has different kinds of animals to see. It’s early to rise, early to bed; you gotta get out at 5am, so you can see the lions chasing the cheetahs!

A popular highlight of a safari in Africa is to see the migration of animals. Herds of animals will migrate to and from Tanzania to Kenya, between June and October I’m talking about a LOT of animals – maybe 3,000-5,000 animals are right in front of you! Zebras, Wallabies, Leopards, and more with Elephants following right behind. It’s amazing, you can see them for miles.

When you’re on safari, you’re constantly on the go. You’re getting up early, with excitement and travels to each of the stops along the way, and it can be tiring! I really like to finish up at Zanzibar, which is a little island off the coast. Early African explorers settled on the beautiful island and traded with towns off the Swahili coast. You’ll find old cobblestone streets, 17th Century architecture, and a ton of charm. The best part is that you don’t have to wake up so early! You can have a nice relaxing day at the beach, enjoy some fun shopping, and appreciate the history. It’s a nice way to transition way back into reality.