If you visit Cancun or the Riviera Maya areas in Mexico, you can’t miss the Cenotes. If you haven’t heard of them, they’re pronounced Seh-No-Tays, and they are sinkholes from where a cave ceiling may have fallen. For those wishing to escape the sun, Cenotes are filled with turquoise pools for swimming. Being authentic natural caves that are living and breathing, Cenotes are very delicate and the interior shouldn’t be touched.

It is best to visit the Cenotes as part of an organized excursion. You’ll be given a wet suit and helmet with a light so you can see where you’re going while you’re climbing down into the caves. There might be a little area where the water gets deep, so you have to swim through. It’s quiet and beautiful, and sometimes you can sit quietly in the dark, then turn lights on and look around. Some cavernous areas are completely underground, and some are above the water level, so they create these amazing beautiful enclosed pools in which to swim or boat.

On the excursion I took, we rode in jeeps. Although it was the rainy time of year, it was really fun flying through the mud puddles. That is the great thing about this part of Mexico. Even when it is hot, muggy and rainy, there are great activities. A little rain doesn’t stop anyone from visiting the Cenotes, zip lining, or even racing around in a jeep or ATV. And the best part of these excursions, a Mexican lunch is almost always included.