The Great White North is the grandiose title held by the U.S.A.’s favorite northern neighbor. Going to Canada may have been on your bucket-list for awhile now, but when it comes to this immense state it becomes difficult to pin down what would be the best places to hit on a trip. Well, get ready to read and then pack up your car because this article takes its readers through the best parts of a West to East coast Canada road trip.



Firstly, let’s get down to logistics. Taking a road trip isn’t for the faint of heart. You will be covering 2,860 miles which will amount to a grand total of 54 hours driving. Some people may choose to do this in a week, or in a month, with time spans greatly affecting how much time you would be spending in the car each day. You can also experience this trip via train, which might be more relaxing for people who don’t enjoy car rides. Though some of the best games and icebreakers are played on a long car ride; so whether you’re just finding love or rekindling an old fire, the road may be the best place to do it!


West Coast: Victoria

If you have not yet been to Canada, Victoria must be the first place on your trip from west to east. Victoria is “both the provincial capital and one of the prettiest cities in the land.”  The city has a variety of characters, as it is full of college students from the three local universities, but it is also known for being a retirement city. In this sense Victoria is the perfect place for everyone, with everything to do from the annual salmon run to mountainous viewpoints. Starting your trip here is a guaranteed good time for all.



Your next epic stop must, of course, be one of the country’s most popular resort towns, Whistler. This town is known for having some of the best ski locations, with over 2 million people visiting annually to take a chance on the mountains powdery slopes. The town also has an art festival which run from Labor day to December, in addition to numerous outdoor activities for anyone looking to hike, swim or just stretch out on the lawn.


Yoho National Park

Time to get your park pass out! Yoho National Park is a must see as you continue your drive east through Canada. There is Mount Goodsir standing at a whopping 11,703 feet, as well as Takakkaw Waterfalls  which is one of the highest waterfalls in Canada. There seems to be no end of wonders in this National space; with hunting, fishing, canoeing and anything else you can think of to pass the time—not that you would need any distractions with those views.


Saskatchewan, Canada

Heading into more of mid-Canada visitors can find endless amounts of fields, lakes and trails to hike. However, many may miss one of Saskatchewan’s historical sites, the Fort Walsh National Historic Site. In 1942, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police took over the land and built a land to breed horses on which eventually turned into the National Site it is today; however, “it was intended to stop the illegal whisky trade and became one of the most important posts in the West.”


Montreal, Canada

As a Portland Native, I’ve always enjoyed the moto “West Coast Best Coast”, but it seems Canada’s east coast might have the upper hand here. While there are far too many places to choose from when it comes to the best of the best on the east coast, one place does seem to stand out from the rest. Montreal is known best for its flair of Paris, since it is the “second-largest French-speaking city in the world.” In Old Montreal you can experience the Gothic Notre-Dame Basilica or head over to the Montreal Science Center to get some knowledge in your vacation time.



Canada is known as the Great White North because it truly is just that! While there would be no way to cover every city on just a single article, checkout CI Azumano’s tips and advice for other places to go in Canada and how to start planning a trip soon!