One of my favorite places in all of Italy, is this amazing market in Florence. I found it on my first trip there, back when I was still in college!

I remember walking through, my eyes popping out at all the vibrant colors of the provisions… blood red oranges, pasta with lemon sauce, beautiful bright organic greens.

Heather, a CI Azumano Travel Expert, talks about the Italian Market in Florence

It’s a two story building, and originally it had the fruits and veggies upstairs, with the meats, cheeses, and bread downstairs. It’s since been renovated, with food upstairs, and vendors are downstairs, where you’ll find things like hand painted scarves and leather goods.

And the upstairs has essentially become the most incredible food court! Not the kind of American food court you imagine with an A&W and hot dog on a stick. This Italian food court has quaint little stands selling local goodies like truffle crostini, gelato ice cream, olive oils and vinegar.

And yes, they have pizza there too… but not the greasy variety you’ll find at your local mall with a gazillion ingredients and preservatives. The Italian pizza is paper thin, with slivers of prosciutto, and just enough mozzarella to balance the fresh sweet tomatoes.

My mouth is watering just thinking of it. Once upon a time, I went to that market for lunch every day! If you’re ever in Florence, I hope you get a chance to have lunch there.