Mexico can be quite the vacation spot, but for good reason! The weather always seems gorgeous and there is architecture and culture to be explored around every corner. Avoid the crowds and the “must-sees” of Mexico to get a look at what only most locals know!



Tolantongo provides all the qualities of a hidden gem, a gorgeous pool which receives water from the mountains, a view of those very mountains surrounding you, a suspension bridge over the gorge and a cave curious travelers can adventure to. The reason this amazing location is still so secluded is because there is no public transport to the location. Since it is an eco tourist park, your best bet is to get into contact with the tourist company and try to find you way onto this hidden dream land.

Isla Mujeres

Beaches are one of the best parts about vacationing in Mexico; but there really is nothing worse than going to spend a day at the beach just to find every square inch is covered with another human being and their stuff. Isla Mujeres gets to skip this problem because it is one of the most remote beaches in Mexico. Located “less than eight miles away from Cancun” and just “as gorgeous as the ones in Cancun”, Isla Mujeres provides a beach for all ages and interests. The location even provides an area where you can swim with whale sharks— “one of the only places in the world where that’s an option!”

Copper Canyon, Chihuahua

Mexico may be known best for its beaches, but a trip to Copper Canyon in Chihuahua will showup any day at the beach. With its “stunning waterfalls, hot springs, lakes, caves, and rock formations to explore” Copper Canyon is Mexico’s Grand Canyon. An arrangement with a tourist guide will take you to a “remote village of the native Tarahumara people, who are known for their long-distance-running and basketry skills”. Getting to the canyon requires taking a train from the popular city of Chihuahua.



Staying away from the populated tourist towns means being aware of the environment you’re about to get yourself into. Relying on Google to try and ask all of your questions can be overwhelming, but using reliable sites like CI Azumano Travel can ease stress levels when traveling and allow you to enjoy yourself to the utmost extent!