Whether you’ve been dating for a few years, married for a few decades, or just met, traveling is a great way for couples to strengthen and deepen their relationship. When on the road, couples are forced to rely on each other, spend quality time together, and explore areas of their relationship that don’t usually get attention. To help make the most of a romantic retreat, here is some travel advice for all of you lovebirds out there.


Escape the crowds.

You’re bound to hit some crowds of jostling tourists on your trip, but you should make an effort to find some privacy when possible. After all, nothing spells romance like a secluded beach with nobody in sight. Choosing an off-the-beaten-path destination can guarantee you consistent alone time. If you’re traveling to a really popular area, you could consider visiting lesser-known attractions or visiting during off-hours – like early in the morning or during lunch.


Break out your inner Casanova.

If you have a romantic side, now’s the time to let it shine. While a luxurious resort and world-class restaurant might do the trick, you can always take things a step further by planning unique dates throughout the trip and making those cheesy but romantic grand gestures. Don’t be afraid to get creative and sentimental. Let that love shine through. It’ll make for a truly unforgettable trip.


Set a travel budget before leaving.

There’s nothing sexy about budgeting, but you shouldn’t let money be a source of tension when on your romantic getaway. Nothing puts out the flame of passion quite like an argument over how much you should spend on a candle-lit dinner. Setting a budget for your trip beforehand can eliminate the potential for these tense discussions and keep financial stress at bay. You’ll find it easier to remain in the moment when enjoying some alone time with your significant other.


Spend (just a little) time apart.

Alone time might sound counterintuitive when taking a romantic retreat, but it could be just the thing to keep everything on the right track. No matter how much you love your travel companion, you’re bound to get on each other’s nerves at least once during the trip. Taking advantage of the resort’s free massages or going for a run on the beach by your lonesome might be just what the love doctor ordered. By the time you return to your significant other, you’ll be itching to spend time together.


Leave those devices on flight mode.

We’re all guilty of glaring at our phones whenever a silent moment arises. It’s a tough habit to break, but you should try your best to limit time on devices when on a romantic retreat. Disconnecting from the virtual world can give you the attention and time you need to reconnect in the real world. Instead of checking your phone sporadically throughout the day, limit your use to a short span of time at the beginning and end of the day.


Don’t put too much pressure on it.

It’s easy to get carried away when envisioning the perfect getaway with your partner. While there’s no problem with getting incredibly excited (because you should be!), you don’t want to end up having too high of expectations. There will be small hiccups and things won’t go exactly as you planned. Harping on these imperfections can end up detracting more from the trip than the mishaps themselves. Keeping things light and happy can help make your romantic trip as relaxing as possible.


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