One of my favorite experiences in Africa was the Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Shelter. It’s an orphanage run by Daphne Sheldrick, where they rehabilitate elephants and release them to the Nairobi National Park. Daphne is a well-known wildlife conservationist, and famous for perfecting the milk formula necessary for infant elephants and rhinos.

The baby elephants are about 3-10 months old – and you can go and see them at the Visitor’s Center there. It’s amazing to watch these young elephants get fed. They have these big jugs of milk, and when the animals see them, they all come running down the hill – and you can hear the trumpets of these little elephants in excitement! It’s quite a sight to see these guys from the shelter out on the tractor feeding them as they’re gobbling up the milk as fast as they can! Nairobi is a pretty bustling city, so this was a really nice excursion into the wildlife close by.