With the new year off to a rapid start, you’re already brainstorming vacations for you and your loved ones. After combing through calendars and schedules with surgical precision, you’ve managed to carve out a few weeks where everyone is free.

There’s spring break, fall break, summer break, and a few long weekends sprinkled throughout the year. You’d love to travel during each of these vacations, but your bank account strongly disagrees. This year, how about taking one unforgettable trip rather than a few mediocre ones?

Let’s explore some reasons why a cruise is the only vacation you need this year.


You’ll still see multiple places.

One of the perceived advantages of taking multiple vacations is the ability to see many different places. Since traveling is all about seeing and experiencing new things, this would seem like an obvious downside to cruises. However, with the average cruise stopping at 3-5 different ports, you’re guaranteed to see a handful of unique spots you’ve never seen before. Compare that with the few places you’d be able to see on other trips and cruises come out as the clear winner. You can always opt for a longer cruise if you want to see more.


Cruises offer more bang for your buck.

No other vacation packs a punch quite like a cruise. Where else can you get unlimited food and drinks, complimentary activities, and a comfortable room for a reasonable price? (We can’t think of anything either.) A cruise is among the most cost-effective and economical form of travel. Anything you could need or want is conveniently organized into one package deal with a clear price tag. What’s more, the vast majority of your expenses are upfront. The time you’d spend budgeting and worrying about excess costs on a normal trip can be spent on the open ocean, by poolside, with a Mai Thai in hand.


They’re a perfect recipe for unique vacations.

Novelty is an unspoken consideration for many vacationers that doesn’t receive a lot of attention. Nobody enjoys hearing that the number one spot on their bucket list is a tourist trap. There’s something exciting and all too satisfying about taking a trip that’s unique. This one-of-a-kind experience is yours to relish in, remember fondly, and even brag about (yes, even that). Cruises are the perfect recipe for a distinct trip for the sheer variety offered throughout the industry. You have the pick-of-the-litter when it comes to destination, routes, trip lengths, and, most importantly, your daily activities. In other words, no cruise experience is the same.


You don’t have to compromise on a cruise.

Finding activities that everyone enjoys is always a struggle on vacations. Whether you’re traveling with your significant other, a group of friends, or the entire family, everyone has their idea of a good time. Too often, trips become a game of “what I want, then what you want” and repeat. On a cruise, you can kiss that problem goodbye. With a kaleidoscope of attractions, there’s something for all ages, interests, and moods. No more compromising on your vacation.


Wave goodbye to travel-related hassles.

There’s always one person who gets stuck with the job of organizing a trip. It’s easy to spot these people – backpacks overflowing with guides, pockets bulging with lists, and noses stuck in a map. You know the pain if you’ve ever been tasked to handle the intricacies of normal trips. When you’re on a cruise, all of these worries disappear. You don’t have to navigate foreign transportation, organize activities, or find passable restaurants. Cruises are hassle-free, all-inclusive (mostly), and entirely organized. This frees up all your time to focus on the most important thing during vacation: having a great time.


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