South Africa is unique because there is such a variety of landscape and things to do. I really love to go wine tasting. It’s just a jaunt from Cape Town to go down to the wine land, and it’s the same caliber as wines that come out of Napa. One of my favorites is the Pinotage, which is kind of like a cross between Zinfandel and Pinot Noir.

The restaurants in the area are top notch, and they offer flights from whites to reds. You can visit wineries and restaurants in the nearby Franschhoek Valley, which feature wines and award-winning cuisine with a French flavor. There’s also the Stellenbosch wine classification, which has a Dutch influence. There are wineries on a route along the Western Cape to taste this style, and they that have a definite Colonial, Dutch Manor kind of feel.

And of course, you can’t miss the winery that has become famous for their Goats do Roam, which is a mid-level, easy drinking table red wine. It’s the biggest wine label in Africa, and the goats are a kind of mascot at this point! The winery property literally has goats roaming all over and there is a little 2 or 3 story towers for the goats! You can and see the big goat with the horns, taste the wine with many food pairings.

It’s really a foodie’s heaven! They love to enjoy ostrich – I tried it, and it has a darker meatier taste, similar to beef, but less fat and better for you. They make a lot of potatoes, regular potatoes and sweet potatoes, which makes a really yummy mash. I would be remiss not to mention the Indian food – there’s a big population there -and it’s really good, some of some of the best I’ve had! Cape Town is a cosmopolitan city with the countryside nearby, which makes for some fresh delicious travels.